Are Farmville Animals Worth Keeping on Your Farm? | Livestock

Being a Farmville player myself, I know how important having a well working farm is in order to the play Farmville, having a farm which doesn’t work, which doesn’t run smoothly and can’t supply you with a constant income, then things can go bad, really quickly and it can be a total pain to start again. One of the biggest debates among Farmville players, is weather it’s worth to have animals on your farm, many players debate that the space they require can be used for crops, which give you more coins.

Although what many players seem to forgot is that crops can rot away, which means they are wasted and also now worthless, so a total loss of money if they do rot, animals don’t rot, once they are already to harvest, you just need to harvest them, there are two core types of animals within Farmville, the first being Livestock, which you can buy at the Farmville market, the second are lost animals which simply wander onto your animal. You can buy regular animals, like pigs, sheep and of course cows at the Farmville marketKeep in mind that animals will take a lot longer to become ready to harvest, which is one of the advantages of planted crops, but with animals, your able to keep them though Farmville, so if you were to loose all of your coins somehow, with no crops and no real income source within Farmville, instead of selling all of your well earned items, you can simply wait and use your animals as a source of income until you can afford to start buying seeds again.

Some “Lost Animals” are quite useful, such as ugly ducklings, black cats, black sheep, turtles etc. These can offer their own unique special gifts, which is a great way to improve your Farm, by reciving special gifts, these are one of the best ways to improve your Farm and what many top Farmville players have used to speed up the process of farm-building!